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snow showers. seeing them coming through southwestern pennsylvania and eastern ohio and parts of northern and northeastern west virginia right now. and that will be spreading our way. but we still have some breaks in the overcast now and that's allows the temperatures to really develop into the lower 30s. culpeper manassas, bin chester, 34. a chilly might be a little bit of frost in spots over here. andrews is at 40 with 44 in easton and also 40 in gaithersburg. this afternoon becoming partly if not mostly sunny. breezy. northwest winds up to 20 miles an hour. upper 40s in the northern shenandoah valley to about 55 in annapolis and 53 in leesburg and frederick. it's 5:00 a.m. straight up. sam a.m. it's friday but it's not saturday -- monika samtani it's friday but it's not saturday yet. almost there. headed the work early this morning, you are good to go. i'm happy to say especially on the beltway on the west side of town,. here's what it looks like at the gw parkway. you see all the green heading to tysons corner and beyond
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into annandale and springfield. toll roads 66 are all pretty much the same this morning. nice and light. we'll take a live look outside at the american legion bridge and prove it to you. across the american legion bridge at the potomac river which is what it looks like this morning. dark but light. back over to the other side of town, southern maryland, no problems route 5, route 4, route 30 # out of brandy wine and oxon hill and accokeek. no problems across the river here as you can see all lanes are open. i'll be back with more traffic coming up 59:09. back -- 5:09. back to you guys. the man suspected of setting off pipe bombs has been arrested in montana. >> officers caught 25-year-old lawrence stewart ii after a brief chase where they say stewart threw more pipe bombs at them. no one was hurt yesterday or in tuesday morning's bombing. people targeted by the bombs are stewart's ex-girlfriend and two sheriff's deputies.
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stewart will be brought back to virginia to face attempted murder charges. a local police officer is facing murder charges now for shooting a suspect in the back as he was trying to run away. john riley is a police sergeant in district heights, police department and is due in court today. riley arrested a man in suspect suspected of stealing a -- september suspected of stealing the motorcycle. suspect escaped and started running down the streets. he shot the man in the back then. prosecutors are seeking a six day prison sentence for former chair kwame brown. he pleaded guilty no june to federal bank fraud. he resigned the council chairmanship. prosecutors filed the request yesterday and it also calls for three years of supervised release and prosecutors say brown deserves credit for accepting responsibility and for cooperating with law enforcement. the time right now is 5:02
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and i am watching your money. november is looking a lot better than october. we just enjoyed our best session since mid-september and that was thanks to stronger than expected economic data as for the morning, investors and voters are looking ahead to the big jobs report for october. and checking the numbers for you -- now this will be the last reading on the nation's usual employment picture before the election. ahead of the report, payroll processor adp announced that private employers added 158,000 jobs last month. this morning's report is expected to show 121,000 jobs being added in october. that's below the average monthly gain of 146,000 which has been tepid at best and
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analysts say the rate rose to 7.9 last month. any increase would mean that president barack obama would face voters with the highest unemployment rate of any incumbent since franklin roosevelt. a federal audit is confirming a report this yore that found questionable practices by the agency that runs reagan national airport and dulles airport. the metropolitan washington airport authority. they accepted super bowl tickets from contractors and that the authority routinely awarded no bid contracts. the audit does credit the authority for putting reforms in place over the past few months. sandy recovery operations in the area are winding down this morning thankfully a lot of people have their power back now. dominion virginia is reporting less than 10,000 customers out in the washington area. >> and bge is close to restoring power to all of the
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d.c. regional customers. dominion has ten customers without power, just ten -- 9news now reporter kristin fisher is at national harbor where some of those power crews are mobilizing this morning to head north and help folks who still are in the dark. good morning to you kristin. >> reporter: good morning, well, we're talking about 1500 skilled technicians from dominion virginia power. and right now they're catching up on some much-needed sleep. but in just a few short hours they're going to be rolling out of here in a caravan of about 50 trucks and their final destination, new jersey. one of the hardest hit areas from hurricane sandy. now that's where 1.7 million people are still without power. that number is down by about a million so power crews are making progress but not fast enough. yesterday governor chris christie said getting back on the grid is priority number
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one. >> we're in a triage and attack phase now of the storm. so we can restore power, reopen schools, bring public transportation back online, and allow people to return to their homes if they've been displaced. >> reporter: now people in new jersey trying to go back to work are facing two challenges. first, gas. no power means most gas pumps aren't working and the stations that do have power have lines that stretch for miles long. the wait up to two, three hours and some people have waited oleate long to get gas. after that their second challenge is having enough people in their car to enter new york city. since most mass transit is still down in the city, cars with less than three people trying to cross into manhattan are turned away. so they still have a lot of water that needs to be pumped out of lower manhattan. i'll have an update on the situation there coming up in half an hour at 5:30. back to you. >> all right, thanks a lot kristin fisher,. still ahead this morning the cia is releasing new
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information on the consulate attack in libya. that story is coming up. >> plus, campaign 2012 ramps back up as mitt romney returns to virginia. president obama also gets a big endorsement. >> and turnovers, the big story for virginia tech last night. killing any chance they had of getting to ten wins this year. keep it here, we'll be right back.
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5:09. another chill hi morning. we've got temperatures in the 30s and 40s out this. it will be another breezy day. and we start with mostly cloudy skies. once the sunrise comes and i know we have some breaks now probably seeing some stars overhead but disturbance is going to come through with clouds and a few mountain rain and snow showers, by noon 51. i expect nor sunshine this afternoon with a high of 51 or so and a 6:00 p.m. temperature of 50. the winds could be over 20. let's check in with monika with a look at timesaver traffic. beltway is looking great at
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st. barn bus road. a live look at the chart ram is. on the outer loop -- camera. on the inner loop for the wilson bridge and beyond across the river in towards springfield just fine this morning. back with more traffic coming up in a few minutes. mike and jess. all right, monika we'll see you then. making news now at 5:10 this morning. the cia is now revealing new information about the deadly attack in libya. that killed four americans. the intelligence agency says it rushed in security teams less that be 25 minutes after the -- than 25 minutes after the attack started in september and the teams took control of the effort to evacuate u.s. personnel but again four people died. new york's mayor made his choice in the presidential election. mayor michael bloomberg is endorsing president obama. the president held rallies in three states yesterday, wisconsin, nevada and colorado and today he'll campaign in another swing state. ohio. and it's all about the swing states, republican challenger mitt romney made three stops right here in
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virginia yesterday. he returned to his economic themes including sharp criticisms of the president. today, he'll take his final weekend of campaigning to two other swing states wisconsin and ohio. what happens when you're training for a race and then hurricane hits? we'll tell you how my workout went. my couch to 5 k program coming up. >> and at the 5:58. in sports 5:23 which nationals' players said show me the money? >> next at 5:15. howard previews our election day forecast in the seven day. keep it here.
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weather first time. howard bernstein is back and we are smiling with the forecast you have set up for us over the next week. >> it's going to be dry through election day. wednesday could get a little iffy and you might be hearing oh another nor'easter. you know there may be but it's not a sandy. that's in the going to happen. -- not going to happen. you know how rare sandy was? that doesn't mean we won't see storms with some wind and snow and rain and that may happen on wednesday but right now, we're okay. we're going to be okay right through the weekend. here's a look at your bus stop forecast. there we are. >> you were not sure. friday. >> am i awake? i don't know if i'm awake eight now mike. 30s and 40s sunrise 7:37. we're going to fall back by the way an hour saturday night. so the sunrise on monday will be about 6:42 or so.
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as far as the day is concerned we are going to start out i believe with mostly cloudy skies even though we had system breaks overnight and allowed temperatures in spots to dip into the low 30s in town. 50s by noon. wind will be gusting maybe 20, 25, another breezy afternoon and more sunshine expected this afternoon than this morning and by 8:00, brisk 47. west winds at 10 and that puts the windchills down in the lower 40s. you can see the disturbance coming across eastern ohio. southwestern pennsylvania and west virginia with these rain and snow showers. right now though we've got some breaks here but clouds are starting to increase a little bit. and these temperatures got chilly. haymarket 35 and manassas is 34. it's 36 in gaithersburg. look at fort belvoir one of the cool spots too at 34 with 37 in fairfax and 38 in bowie. outside on the michael & son weather camera, good visibility. partly cloudy skies. flags -- up a little bit. so it's not too windy at all with the wind only at 5 miles an hour west southwest at reagan national and the
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humidity 68%. storm systems one in the northern plains and another one of the west coast more moisture there. then of course we have what's left of sandy. still spinning up here in eastern canada. it's bringing in some cold air bringing et down but the snow showers in the great lakes. and for us it's bringing a little disturbance on that northwesterly flow that's going to give us the cloudiness here for a little while. into the morning hours. but i do anticipate more sun this afternoon. here's the futurecast. clouds and a few sprinkles east of the mountains that wouldn't be crazy. but into the afternoon and for sunshine and clear tonight and we're going to dip into the 30s. stay in the 30s. some upper 20s in spots and tomorrow looks like a sunny but brisk day with highs again 50 to 55. and about the same on sunday, in fact it does look like we're going to be in pretty good shape here as we go right through the weekend. you going out to the autism walk tomorrow morning, bundle up. i know there's a -- pink farm's got a run there in rockville
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sunday morning and could be in the 30s to around 40 for that when they kickoff with afternoon highs 50 to 55 both days. good football weather this weekend and tonight, 54 today. breezy. going out to the friday night football games it's going to be chilly. we'll be down in the 40s for that. and with eventually lows in the 30s. 53 tomorrow. another dietary. still breezy toot -- dry day. still breezy too. next week looks pretty good monday on election day 55 and there's that chance of that nor'easter coming up the coast with some rain and wind on wednesday. temps then staying in the 40s. it's 5:17. to monika samtani with her friday smile working. it's friday howard, and we have brownies this morning. it's the little things that make you happy. around town the beltway looks great. there are no issues to report on 270 as you come in from frederick down to urbanna, clarksburg, jermantown. all the lanes are open.
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you are food to go right now southbound on 270. a live look outside and show you what it looks like here at the american legion bridge, once you get here you will be fine as well. this is southbound heading towards tysons corner and annandale on the beltway. back to the maps this time to 95 coming in from baltimore. no issues here. route 32 looks great. 29 out of columbia. bw parkway fort meade into greenbelt. same story on route 50 inside the beltway. a live look one more time outside this time on the northbound side of 395 at the 14th street bridge here in virginia. looking good across the bridge span. and i'll be back with more traffic at 5:24. back to you mike and jess. all right, thanks monika. virginia tech facing a conference opponent thursday night in a prime time match-up. >> and maryland men's basketball team starts the campaign tonight in 2012 and 2013. a preview coming up in sports. >> the question of the day before we head to break, here we go --
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>> well, here's a look at a response you posted on the wusa9 facebook fan page. tony king wrote -- >> uh-huh. what do you think? put your answer on our facebook pan page and we'll have the answer in our 6:00 show. we will be right back.
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we have breaking news coming out of fauquier county. virginia. >> authorities are investigating an officer-
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involved shooting. right now on tackett mill road in stafford. the sheriff's department tells 9news now this victim in this has died and we don't have much information at this time. we have a crew on the way to the scene and we'll give you updates throughout the morning and of course on 5:22 on the n fed morning. we're going -- this friday morning. we're going to have some clouds around this morning, it's chilly 30s and 40s. in fact by 9:00 still some snows in the far western facing slopes there of the appalachians. 44 here in town. with 39 in fredericksburg. we'll get to lunchtime with a mix of sun can clouds. 5 -- and clouds. 51 degrees in the city with 45 hagerstown and 53 pax river and then this afternoon highs between 50 and 55. finish the day i think sunny. over to you. nationals player wants to parlay his golden glove into an even bigger treasure chest. >> uh-huh. while maryland basketball
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starts the season with the nation's number one team on the schedule. kristen berset has more in your morning sports. >> reporter: good morning everyone. college basketball season is here. the hoya, they plan on an aircraft carrier next week against florida. the terps play the defending national champion kentucky in brooklyn. but tonight, their season begins in college park. the maryland terrapins host indiana university in their only exhibition game of the preseason and some familiar faces. the terps return four starters to the lineup to go along with a national hi ranked recruiting class. something head coach is expected to debut. >> our talent level is different. absolutely. we're bigger, stronger, faster. deeper. you'll see that tomorrow night. and i expect a -- >> reporter: and some college football last night. logan thomas and the virginia tech hokies facing miami second quarter tech down 11. thomas on the qb keeper, nobody
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touches him. 73 yards for the touchdown passing michael vick for third all time in hokie qb touchdown rushes. the canes just too much for the hokies last night. johnson scores from 7 yards out and virginia tech loses 30-12. and 48 hours after winning his first golden glove award, adamlaroche told the nationals show me the money. he is now a free agent. he can start talking with other teams starting on saturday. tom burnett is also a free agent. that's a quick look at morning sports this morning, i'm kristen bersethave a great friday. attention is turning elsewhere. >> more on how the local utility crews are gearing up to head north to help people affected by the superstorm sandy up there. monika? >> heading south. there's construction in place just south of thornburg
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southbound 95 after route 606. only one lane taken up. northbound lacks grassroot here -- looks great here in springfield. i'll be back with more traffic coming up at 5:29. you're watching 9news now. stay with us.
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welcome back. i'm jessica doyle in for andrea roane on this friday morning. >> sure, now the printer starts working. >> now it's making some noise. >> good morning, it's friday. thanks but the printer is tired. it's been a long week. i'm mike hydeck, glad you're with us, good morning monika samtani how are you? >> please give me a rest. >> yes indeed. a man who really needs some rest, this guy who's done more talking in the last week because of hurricane sandy -- >> even i'm tired of hearing my own voice. when you said welcome back i was thinking john sebastian from the "welcome back, kotter" theme. i'm dating myself i know. we've got your day planner, 30s and 40s so yeah jacket weather this morning and it would be jacket weather this afternoon. now this morning we're going to
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see more clouds than this afternoon. so we'll get into some sunshine this afternoon. but highs 50 to 55 and a breeze out of the northwest which could top 20 miles an hour in gusts. little disturbance coming through eastern ohio, southwestern pennsylvania. you can sort of pick this up right here with these showers even a little bit of snow at the higher elevations, that's going to throw some cloudiness our way this morning. we start with temperatures down to freezing now culpeper and it's 36 in luray. 41 in hagerstown and to the east we have 45 in annapolis and 46 in cambridge. cambridge is pretty if you've never before there you have to take that trip to the eastern shore. andrews is 53 and 53 in leesburg -- this afternoon that is. 48 in cumberland for your high. and fredericksburg will top out at 55. 5:29. we go to monika samtani. timesaver traffic. thank you howard. good morning everybody. it's a great time to head out the door. if you need to go early in the morning, this is the time because traffic is really light. no problems on any of the potomac or anacostia river
5:30 am
crossings including 95 to the 11th street bridge. and on 395 to the 14th street bridge. 66 to the roosevelt. everything is looking great. let's take a live look outside show you what it looks like. first planning to head here on 395 and again this is pretty much what all of those bridges look like. early this morning. if you're planning to head over to the other side of town let's take a look at our maps and again no issues from aspen hill, wheaton. 270 out of frederick looks good. west side of town also running incident-free this morning. we'll take a live look one more time outside this time up here at new hampshire avenue. good to go through the stretch. and i'll be back with more coming up at 5:38. mike and jess? all right, we'll see you then. the final week of campaigning so if you turn on the tv you will continue to get inundated by the commercials, if you're out and about you will see the candidates in the states coming up this weekend in virginia. >> mitt romney made three stops in the commonwealth yesterday. they are not done today.
5:31 am
first lady michelle obama will shake stops in hampton and petersburg tomorrow. bill clinton will be no roanoke and -- in roanoke and then join the president at jiffy lube live. paul ryan is scheduled to make a stop tomorrow in richmond. today is the last day for early voting in maryland. governor o'malley authorized an additional day of early voting after it was shut down for two days because of hurricane sandy. the governor also extended early voting hours and you can cast ballots from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. today. only a few hundred people in the d.c. area still without power from hurricane sandy at this point. although the numbers have jumped up in the last 30 minutes --
5:32 am
9news now reporter kristin fisher is live at national harbor. dominion virginia crews are meeting this morning there to head north and help out. good morning kristin. >> reporter: good morning. well, in just two hours, all 50 of these trucks will be heading north up to the hard hit areas of new york and new jersey and these trucks will be carrying get this -- 1500 skilled technicians. that includes linemen, tree trimmers, underground cable workers, altogether it will be the largest deployment of mutual aid ever in the company's history. now, getting there of course is going to be the big challenge. post-superstorm sandy. several tunnels into new york city are still closed and the crossings that are open have a minimum three people per car requirement. now that requirement of course is not going to apply to these trucks from dominion power. they'll be joining crews from all over the country. in fact, yesterday the air force even flew in utility trucks from california to help
5:33 am
restore power in the city. right now 1.7 million people are still without power in new jersey. 1.5million in new york. the goal is to have lower manhattan back on the grid by tomorrow. but it's going to take a lot longer for the other boroughs and suburbs to get back online and that's where all of these drews -- crews from virginia are likely going to come into play. they'll be the ones going into the suburbs and boroughs and of course the coastal communities in new jersey because you've seen the damage there. it's going to be a long time before all of the power is restored after sandy. back to you. >> kristin fisher live out at national harbor this morning. we'll talk to you later. thank you. how did sandy affect my couch to 5k training? pretty easy to guess. that's coming up. >> keep us here on tv standing still. still ahead country music power couple takes home some big honors at the cma awards. that's coming up. stay with us.
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welcome back. 5:35 on this friday morning. thankfully it's friday already. it's been a listening week for all of us -- long week for all of us. thankfully ending. weather wise still cool and chilly. the gloves are on. more clouds this morning and more sun this afternoon as temperatures make the run toward the low possibly the mid 50s but it's going to be breezy. you'll see the wind really kick up out of the northwest a little bit later this morning between 10 and 15 and gusting 20, maybe even 25 miles an hour with a high about 54. i'll be inside in a few minutes and we'll talk about the seven day forecast. looking ahead to the weekend. inside now to monika with timesaver traffic. on the inbound side of i- 66, getting word of a trash truck fire inbound at route 234 in manassas. so be aware of that. we don't have lane information yet and we'll get that for you shortly. here at the fairfax county parkway looks fine heading for
5:37 am
vienna and the beltway. back with information on the fire coming up once again at 5:45. back to you. you want to shape up? get off the couch! couch to 5k with jessica doyle. >> so i'm in week seven of my couch to 5k program. my slow and steady training program for running a 5 k. howard bernstein is training with me so this is what week seven looks like. a five minute warmup. jog for 22 minutes. walk for a minute. run for one minute. and then a five minute cooldown. my 5 k is only one week away. training i got tell you tough this -- to tell you tough this week working 12 and 13 hours and i didn't run once. but i'm redoubling my efforts this weekend and right now, and i want you to come run with me.
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i'm getting a team together to run the glow in the dark fun run at rfk staid crumb. it is next -- stadium. it is next friday. november 9th. living social partnered with mercy corps to give a portion of the proceeds to deliver 1,000 solar lanterns to children in need in somalia. not everyone is going to run the entire time. up to about 15 people right now. still looking for a team name. want to join up and maybe have some suggestions for a name? hit me up on facebook, twitter, e-mail me, it's -- hope to see you there. we will get off the couch together all for a great cause and like i said you don't have to run the whole way. you can walk lit bit and run -- a little bit and run. mike over to you. as kristin fisher told us just a little while ago with most of the people getting their power back in our region. a lot of people are headed north to help out in new jersey and new york. but they're not the only ones that are going north. volunteers with the american
5:39 am
red cross are gathering in fairfax, virginia that morning. we're joined live by rebecca cool han to tell us what may -- cool han to tell us what they may be doing this weekend. >> good morning, hello, yes, we are actually sending three emergency response vehicles out this morning to west virginia. which may sound a little -- you know, people aren't as aware of what happened due the sandy and west virginia but ton of snow actually looped around in the same direction that the storm went and landed right on top of west virginia for almost 3 photoor more. >> it's amazing -- feet or more. >> it's amazing. i think they're called ervs right? emergency response vehicles? how did those do in snowy situations? >> they are very good. there are some places it's hard for them to get to but it's actually easier for them to get through snow rather than a lot of water. >> we can see the trucks behind you, people who are not familiar with these vehicles,
5:40 am
what's on board and what will you be doing when you get to west virginia? >> yes, sir, we have two volunteers to go with each vehicle and they provide basic needs to everybody that they go see. they have basic foods, snacks, they have cambros, large containers for coffee you know hot tea. and you know just basic things that they can take out to the large amounts of people that are being sheltered already out in west virginia. >> now often times when we think of red cross we think of help getting shelter. will you be coordinating those efforts as swell in addition to the emergency -- as well in addition to the emergency response vehicles? >> we are actually sheltering over 200 people that we know of and actually they have been a lot -- having a lot of power outages up there too and it's very cold. so a lot of people are going to shelters to go stay warm and just you know, basically have human needs met while we're there. that's why we're going over
5:41 am
there to back them up and support them. because a lot of their volunteers are directly affected as well. and a lot of the regions -- you know they're a small regional chapter and their group needed a lot of back up. >> rebecca from the american red cross, safe travels and we appreciate your work of course a lot of help needed out there in the appalachian mountain region and talk to you again soon. >> thank you very much sir. coming up, a type of mammography previously used in europe is now available in our area. that story coming up. >> plus, why today's release of the ipad mini isn't creating a frenzy like some other apple products. >> okay, as we head to break let's take another look at the question of the day -- >> here's a look at a response you posted on the wusa9 facebook fan page. terry wrote --
5:42 am
>> agreed terry agreed. thanks for writing in. log on to our wusa9 facebook fan page and we'd love to hear what you think. we'll have the answer about an hour from now. and let's see who is celebrating a birthday today -- >> if it's your birthday, have a great day. we will be right back.
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weather first time. howard bernstein and a friends that helping to get through -- hurricane sandy. >> every six months.
5:46 am
>> you did? the folks at energizer if i got that right. urge everybody this weekend with the clocks falling back just a reminder check the batteries in the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, takes a few minutes could save your life --. very worthwhile too. >> don't forget those. >> you were the energizer bunny during sandy and it makes sense. >> thank you for that. i need something here. we're still going. we'll have a weekend to recharge. hey weather-wise on the chilly side once again this morning. gloves and jackets with 30s and low 40s out there. and the breeze is going to kick up a little bit later thankfully it's not too bad right now. here's a look at the bus stop forecast. where temperatures under mostly cloudy skies are as cold as 33 in a few spots. we're running in the low 40s here in d.c.. with sunrise at 7:37. we're going to kick that back an hour monday though. sunrise will be closer to about 6:41, 6:42. under mostly cloudy skies this morning. all right and you can see why we've got a disturbance producing some showers coming out of ohio rather into pennsylvania. western maryland.
5:47 am
maybe even a few snow showers here in some of the higher elevations out west. and what we have system breaks in the last couple of hours the clouds have increased once again across the region. and i was outside on the weather terrace and i did see the moon through the breaks in the cloud cover. today we are going to be dealing with the temperatures which will be climbing slowly into the 50s here. by 6:00 p.m. about 50 degrees but more sun this afternoon. more clouds this morning. and i think the moisture the clouds or snow and rain and snow that is stays up in the mountains, culpeper down the 34 with 47 luray. 41 for winchester. to our east 44 across the bay and 42 southern maryland. and fredericksburg even and chilly 40. herndon is 47 right now and that's pretty representative of great falls and reston. fairfax is 38. 39 college park and andrews is 40 and heard from bill in newman. and haymarket 35. outside on the michael & son weather camera, good visibility.
5:48 am
flags are not standing as tall as they were a little while ago because the winds are fairly light. only 5 miles an hour out of the west southwest. we've got 43 but even a 5-mile an hour breeze gives us a windchill in the 40-degree range. bigger picture this disturbance just looking at coming through. there's not much behind it. so once this passes, i think we'll get back into at least partly sunny skies for the afternoon. just a breezy one. the futurecast shows that. there it goes, in fact by evening that disturbance will be offshore. we're going to be partly to mostly sunny. mainly clear and cold tonight. dipping into the 30s. tomorrow a sunny day and another cool one with highs only 50 to 55 and about the same on sunday. although there'll be more wind saturday than sunday. so 54ed to. more sun this afternoon. winds could gust over 20. tonight about 39 in town. low 30s north and west. tomorrow 53. so chilly but dry. and sunny for the autism walk downtown. got the terps' game tomorrow also. sunday the since ad home 53 --
5:49 am
skins ad home 52. election day still dry and 55 and could be a little storm coming up the coast on wednesday. that would keep temperatures in the 40s a raw wednesday potentially. 5:48. good evening monika. going to enjoy the weekend first and we get the extra hour of sleep. we need it. the beltway looks great but we've got an incident on the inbound side of i-66. it's an overheated trash truck after route 234 in manassas. you got a lot of trash to pick up after sandy. you're going about 51 miles an hour. let's take a live look there. just got it bunching up there. 51 isn't so bad but you've got that from manassas into centreville before the pixes up on the in-- pace picks up on the inbound side of i-66. from frederick to urbanna. now slowing down in that stretch past route 109. live there right now. the good news is it's incident- free. the bad news is it's this time in the morning and you already have this delay to deal with on friday morning. back with more traffic at 6:00.
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three months ago buddy check 9 introduced us to microdose mammography. it's been available in europe and asia for years and now has the grandmother for used u.s.. >> -- green light for use in the u.s.. >> andrea has a follow-up report as what's being called the next generation of mammography. >> i think women and men will be inconvenient and travel a little further distance to come to united medical center for their mammogram because they know that it's a safer procedure with half the radiation dose. it makes sense. >> reporter: that was dr. tu. chairman of diagnostic and interventional radiology at united medical center in august talking about the new tech knowledge offered at the -- technology offered at the center. the fda approved cutting edge technology is a first for our area and a giant leap forward for the former greater southeast community hospital. >> first of all, the radiation dose is half of the standard
5:51 am
mammogram. and number two, the detector itself is twice, three times, more greater in density compared to standard mammogram technology. so that the image quality is superior to standard mammograms. >> reporter: microdose works using a foeton detector. that helps to produce a sharper more clear image of the breast. >> this actual piece moves across the breast. like a fan. and so every picture that every x-ray beam that comes out is perfectly focused from here to the breast tissue to the detector. >> reporter: while maintaining quality and accuracy, dr. tu says studies show cutting the radiation in half also lowers the small risk of radiation induced breast cancer. one less methodical concern for -- medical concern for his parents who come from d.c --
5:52 am
patients who come from d.c. wards 7 and 8 and boarding prince george's county neighborhood. >> they have complex issues, many of them need images for other medical problems,. that's why for me the priority of lower radiation dose was a very important division. >> reporter: bringing it to the united medical center is the first phase of hospital's master plan for creating a comprehensive women's health center. >> we have something wonderful to offer here. >> reporter: and while patients taking advantage of microdose mammography are currently from the immediate neighborhoods served by the medical center, dr. tu wants you to know that all are welcome if they want safe high quality breast imaging with less radiation. >> that of course is andrea roane. you can see the story again go to our website, and click on buddy check 9. and to keep yourself and your buddy in check, text buddy check 9 to 25543 for a monthly
5:53 am
early detection alert sponsored by washington radiology associates. the former president of penn state is due in court later today in connection to the scandal. graham spanier is now charged with concealing accusations of child sex crimes against former football assistant coach jerry sandusky. two other penn state administrators face similar charges. what happened? so far it doesn't appear to be nearly as much a frenzy over the ipad mini for apple. crowds did line up overnight in asia. it starts at $329. it costs more than the rival gadgets though from google and amazon. the country music association awards last night. mostly belonged to one power couple. miranda lambert and blake shelton. now lambert won for female vocalist of the year. her hubby shelton won both for best male vocalist and the night's biggest prize
5:54 am
entertainer of the year. their duet "over you" won song of the year. >> big night. okay. coming up we have a presidential candidate in our studio you know. >> that is right. >> plus hundreds of area power companies workers are headed north this morning to help in the aftermath of sandy. keep it here.
5:55 am
5:56 am
i'm honored now to have one of the presidential candidates aboard this morning. hello kitty is running for president. and we have her campaign
5:57 am
manager with us this morning. dave, there's a lot of news. you've picked a vice presidential candidate. tuxedo sam. i believe? >> credit. >> your headquarters for your campaign living social's 918 f street. tell us about the campaign dave. >> so yes, hello kitty has thrown her bow into the ring for president of the united states. she's inviting everyone to join the friendship party and support friendship fun and happiness for everyone. >> now there are also georgetown cupcake hello kitty cupcakes that are available out there. >> yes, we partnered with georgetown cupcake and all the cupcakes sold for hello kitty for president the proceeds will be going to 826 d.c. >> that's a wonderful thing that you guys are doing. also helping the red cross with this campaign. >> we are in light of the recent events, we've partnered with the red cross to donate all proceeds from the sales in the pop-up shop to go directly to american red cross hurricane support.
5:58 am
>> i do have to ask you about campaigning in general, it is presidential season. hello kitty candidate kitty. is a friendship candidate. but sometimes politics can get dirty. i want to play a soundbyte for you. >> all right. >> okay. >> i'm tired of -- barack obama and mitt romney. >> that's why you're crying? oh. it will be over soon abby. okay? the election will be over soon okay? >> yea! >> '. >> jacket. clearly wearing hello kitty in that soundbyte. was she working for the campaign and working for you guys? >> she's not but she looks like a special friend to join the party so i think we're going to have another voter. >> now what do you hope to accomplish with this campaign, dave? >> again, just to add a little light hearted fun to a rather serious election season and spread some smiles. >> well, tell us ability of the
5:59 am
event -- about some of the events coming up. >> we'll be open at the f street location through tuesday every day at living social. there's a pop-up shop and an art gallery to check out. a lots of surprises as well. it's going to be a lot of fun all through tuesday. >> we definitely look forward to coming and visiting you i'm sure the kids including abby would love to come out and see you. candidate kitty. i am absolutely honored. may i shake your hand to have had this interview the morning and we'll hold hands. over to mike. >> thanks guys. okay, you're watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. we're glad you're with us, i'm mike hydeck, the lovely jessica doyle will put down the campaign bow and be back with us momentarily. here's monika samtani with traffic. >> i'm digging this. >> cupcakes and can't beat that. >> these are collectors' items. it will be hello kit i can 2012. >> that's a very small button. >> so talk it. >> i have to do

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